Photographing Route 66 Near Oklahoma City, OK

While on a short weekend to visit our daughter Athen in Oklahoma City, Mary and I undertook a quick drive around to see as many Oklahoma Route 66 sites that we could. Though it was a short trip, it was fun and interesting. Here are some sights you may want to check out when in OKC.

In Tulsa you have to see the Golden Driller at the Tulsa Fairgrounds.

Here are a few other interesting locations in Tulsa.

A must see is the Buck Atom’s Cosmic Curios on Route 66. Buck Atom is not one of the original “Muffler Men”, but a custom recreation.

In Stroud is the Skyliner Motel and in Salpulpa is the world’s largest gas pump, ironically next to a Tesla re-charging station. Someone has a sense of humor.

Chandler has the best Route 66 museum we have seen so far. It is the Route 66 Interpretive Center.

Arcadia has the POPS gas station and soda fountain. The soda bottle is 66 feet tall. Well of course it is.

A couple of other interesting sites are the 66 Bowl in Clinton and the cut-out figures in Calamut.

Finally, we spent some time in El Reno before heading back to OKC.

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