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We are a husband and wife team, Peter and Mary (pam) that discovered our shared passion for nature photography ten years ago.  Since then, we have been devoted to exploring new places and mastering the photography craft.  We have learned how to see nature differently and ultimately found that each time we explored a new area we had a deeper and different experience. We believe even a small change in how you see nature can be a transformative experience.

Our different approaches allow us to create a diverse portfolio of photographs.  Peter is a self-proclaimed “traditionalist” who distills natural landscapes into their dramatic essence to capture great images.  Mary gravitates more toward the creative side, and re-interprets iconic scenes in new ways and loves to make natural abstracts.

We are based in Tucson, AZ and frequently explore the desert southwest.  Our portfolio includes: natural landscapes, dramatic sunsets, beautiful flowers, compelling abstracts, unique black and white photographs and much more.  We have learned to love waking up in the dark to experience sunrises and missing dinner to witness the vibrant color during sunset.

We have been blogging about our photography journey for the last ten years and have over 650 blog posts and almost 34,000 unique views. To view galleries of our work visit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pamimages/

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  1. maritza

    Love the photos! When you set up your classes (I know you will eventually) sign me up! Love your “eyes” and think you have found your calling.


  2. Dina

    You have a great blog, some very inspiring posts about photography and beautiful photos to go with it! I look forward to see more of your fine work in the future, I’m your new follower.:-)
    Greetings from sunny Norway

  3. Ed Helmick

    I would like to share with you information on photographing the San Rafael Swell of south central Utah. The area is incredibly photogenic, not well known and as a result not crowded. Email me for information on touring this area.

    Ed Helmick

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