Photograching Lowell, AZ

Have you ever heard of Lowell, AZ? Of course you haven’t. It’s a magical and somewhat secret destination in southern Arizona. It’s 3 miles south of Bisbee (which is 3 hours south of Phoenix and 90 minutes south of Tucson). It’s pretty much made up of one street, Erie, that was saved from the Lavender Pit mine, adjacent to it. Erie street is only a quarter mile long, but there is so so much to see and photograph.

Here’s what you see as your walk down Erie Street. There is a parking lot at the end of the street.

You will find restored and vintage buildings, cars, signs, and other paraphernalia. We spent about two hours on this one street and the time flew by. You will also see a funny sense of humor in some of the signage, courtesy of the “mayor” of Lowell, Jay Allen. Jay grew up in Lowell and he lives there above the garage on Erie Street. If you are very lucky, he’ll come out and tell you stories about the cars and buildings and how he and his friends saved, and then developed Erie Street.

To see more of and buy our photographs, please go to and check out more of our photos on FLICKR.

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