Project 365

I started Project 365 in November 2010 (when I received a generous birthday present of an iphone 4).  This project involved taking one picture a day on my iphone for 365 days.
Its not as easy as it seems.  At first it was just a quick snap to document my day.  As I discovered the creative tools available via the apps, I began to spend more and more time creating my daily photo.  I tried harder now to see past the obvious, and  actually found my routine, everyday world more visually interesting.  I officially completed the project on October 31st 2011.  I have to admit it seems weird not scouting and creating my daily photo.  In January, I plan to start a monthly project.  My first one will be to highlight basic colors (red, blue, yellow, and green)  Stayed tuned for a blog post that highlights the biggest eye openers I had during Project 365…..


  1. Jesus Sousa

    Great job Peter and Mary, I know your ready for the 2nd 365 project, keep up the good work
    and I’ll see you two sometime down the road. Have a great holiday season.

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