Lensbaby Challenge: Week 4


This week I tried to face down my nemesis….the dreaded Plastic optic.  I had to find peace with the fact that nothing would be sharp, I’m shooting through plastic after all.  And then I remembered, some of my favorite photos of all time, I took in my early days as a photographer with the Plastic Optic (focus has always been a challenge for me, so it was freeing).

I found subjects with an ethereal quality work well with this optic.  It creates a dreamy glow around subjects and an almost painterly-like effect.  Because I was traveling again this week, I tried a few photos with the Sweet 35 Optic.

For the macro shots I used a Lensbaby Macro converter with both the Sweet 35 Optic and the Plastic Optic.  And then I added the +10 and +4 macro lenses to the Plastic Optic so I could get super-close.  The first three photos were taking with this set-up.  The last two were with the Sweet 35 Optic plus macro converter.1608_MFA_lensbaby_5401608_MFA_lensbaby_5231608_MFA_lensbaby_5191608_MFA_lensbaby_5071608_MFA_Bee_0261608_MFA_lensbaby_596


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