Photographing Nelson, NV

There are a lot of old cars and trucks
There are a lot of old cars and trucks

Sometimes, we photographers can act like a herd when someone finds a “new location.”  Once found, it’s the hot spot for a year or two and then its off to the next “hot” location.  Nelson is not “new”, but has been a “hot spot for a while.”  See why.

We like to start in the barn. There is a lot see.
We like to start in the barn. There is a lot see.

Nelson is 40 miles southeast of Las Vegas and is easy to see on the way there if you are driving from southern California and is an easy day trip if you are in Las Vegas and have a car.  I would not call it a ghost town or a junk yard, but it has qualities of both.  It can be hot or very cold, windy, and crowded.  If have seen many photographers there and sometimes none.


In December, it ended up being bitterly cold and windy.  I think you can do justice to the whole place in 2-4 hours depending on how patient you are and how many subjects you can find.  Here are some of our favorites.

1512_MFA_Nelson_014-Edit 1512_MFA_Nelson_019-Edit 1512_MFA_Nelson_026-Edit 1512_MFA_Nelson_027-Edit 1512_MFA_Nelson_048 1512_MFA_Nelson_066-Edit 1512_MFA_Nelson_106 1512_MFA_Nelson_115 1512_MFA_Nelson_123-Edit 1512_MFA_Nelson_148-Edit 1512_PSA_Nelson_032 1512_PSA_Nelson_053 1512_PSA_Nelson_060

Here is our first blog post about Nelson from last year.

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    1. Anonymous

      hi Letti-you would love it at Nelson. The people who own the place are great with photographers, and encourage you to explore….I hope you make it out there sometime….

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