Project 52: Week 3 – Below the Knee

Ready for work

Ok – this week was tougher than I thought.  I mean how hard could it be to photograph peoples’ lower legs and feet?  

I was traveling for work, and thought I could do it inconspicuously during my travels.  I underestimated how silly a grown woman in business attire, lying on her stomach in the middle of the airport would really look.   It is a lot easier to photograph things – than people.  I am fortunate enough that the people I encountered were really great sports (and very patient).  I even worked up enough guts to ask a woman in the gym, whom I’d never met before, to pose for me.  I thought people were looking at me funny because of what I was doing, it was only later that I realized I had my top on inside out (sigh).

Anyway – I don’t think this week was my best week in terms of output – but it did open me up to new ways of seeing what’s on the ground, and how to use my S-90.  I may keep going, especially if I ever see that woman with those sparkly knee-high lace-up platform boots again.

In terms of the injury index, I ended this week with scrapes and burns on my knees.  I’d say I’m batting 3 for 3.

Week 4 Project:  Telling portraits without showing the face

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