He Saw…..She Saw: The Gold King Mine

Peter’s image of tricycle at the Gold King Mine

When Peter and I look at our images together we are often surprised how one of us interprets a scene so differently than the other. When I saw Peter photographing in this old building, I asked him what he was trying to capture. He said the tricycle and gave me the “of course” look.

I stood where he stood, looking through my viewfinder, and couldn’t put together an image. I started walking around it, and became fascinated with how the wood grain reflected in the seat of the tricycle. I must have spent 20 minutes working on a version of the image….well long enough for Peter to come back and check on me.

Mary’s version of tricycle at Gold King Mine

As I was gathering the images for this post, and noticing the documentation image that Peter took of me, I now realize he captured so many other interesting subjects in this building that I missed. I photographed the tricycle, turned around and walked out. Maybe I should stay near him more often and ask “what do you see?”.

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