Mary’s Favorite Photos from 2020

Grand Canyon, North Rim – Point Imperial

Every year I complain about Peter torturing me with the exercise of picking my top photos. This year it was surprisingly easy for a couple of reasons. One, there just wasn’t a lot to pick from. Two, I also decided to amp up my creative explorations, so I spent a lot of time at the bottom of the learning curve and didn’t make many images that were “Top 2020” worthy.

Below is my crazy assortment of images, they span from landscape, to portrait, to composite, and even a jack rabbit reminiscent of a children’s story. They are in no particular order, doing that would be to add another layer to an already challengeing exercise.

Abstract of rocks on Carlsbad Beach
Bird at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park
Staircase down to beach in Carlsbad California
Man (Peter) at end of shore break in Carlsbad California
Infrared image of desert jack rabbit in Tucson (Composite)
Smoke from Bighorn Fire over Catalina Mountains in Tucson
Sunset at Grand Canyon’s South Rim, Yavapai Point
Sunrise at Grand Canyon’s South Rim, Yavapai Point
Composite of woman and acrylic ink swirls
Sunrise with fall color at Grand Canyon’s North Rim, Point Imperial
Conceptual portrait of young woman and balloons
Conceptual, texturized portrait of young girl in desert

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