Peter’s Favorite Photos from 2020

Like everyone else, we had a weird year. Instead of going on lots of photography trips, we hunkered down like all of you and spent most of the year at home. In the last five years, even with full time jobs, we have managed about one photo trip a month. This year, we got in five trips, three of them pre-pandemic. The highlight of our year was two trips to the Grand Canyon South and North Rims. We usually make about 2,000 photos from travelling and this year it was half that. We are very fortunate to live in a beautiful area and have a studio at home to play with photography projects. I spent a lot of time outside our house and was able to photograph moonrise and moonset almost every month. Mary created numerous creative home projects.

Herewith, are my favorite twelve photos from the year in chronological order.

In January we went to Joshua tree and enjoyed a cold, but amazing sunset.
My first moonset in Tucson and my new favorite Saguaro called the Trident
We have amazing skies in Tucson during monsoon season. That’s Tabletop Mountain in the Santa Catalina range.
Our trip to the South Rim corresponded with monsoon season, but we had almost bald skies and smoke from nearby fires. Yavapai Point sunset.
This is the view from our front yard. Each month I watched the moon set farther and farther north. After the winter Solstice, it will start working its way back south.
This was a happy accident as the moon set right behind this Saguaro. I wish I could tell you I planned this photo, but I did not.
Wonton’s Throne at Cape Royal, Grand Canyon North Rim.
Bright Angel Point sunset, North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
Point Imperial sunrise with Mt. Hayden in the foreground, Grand Canyon North Rim.
Lenticular clouds above the Santa Catalina mountains. We, literally, pulled off to the side of the road near our home. I grabbed my infrared Fuji and shot for about five minutes and then it was gone.
This was the last full moon set of the year and it was a pretty one.
Sunset from my front yard.

Next week, Mary’s favorite photos from 2020.

To see more of our photographs, please go to our Flickr page –


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