Easy Vintage Effects with Analog Efex Pro

Vintage adding machine

I decided to crawl out of my compositing rabbit hole and play with a few photos that were just sitting in my files asking for attention. There are times when you just want easy and fun…..no masking, no healing, no color correction…..just pure playtime. This is when I turn to the Nik suite of products, and when I’m looking for vintage effects its Analogue Efex Pro.

I won’t bore you with the long journey this tremendous software package has taken… well maybe I will a little. Nik created it, and I eagerly jumped on the bandwagon when the full suite of products was $600. It was just what my creative engine needed. Then Google acquired it, stopped maintaining it, and gave it away for free (my heart hurt a little), and just recently DXO acquired it and it only costs $150 for the whole suite. Its heartwarming a company that understands the passions of photographers is now the owner of this amazing suite of products.

Ok, tangent over. I was in a somewhat strange hotel a few months ago for a business trip (now that I type this, I can’t imagine what you must be thinking). As I was waiting for the group to gather for dinner, I noticed these vintage adding machines in the lobby. I pulled out my iphone and started to play. I took the expected shot straight on, and then started working with angles. When I got back, the images sat in my “to-do” folder for months, until today. I decided playtime was in order, so I used Nik Analog Efex Pro to add vintage effects. I also used Flypaper’s presets for this plug in. It made it super easy to visualize the possibilities and work from there.

Vintage Adding Machine
Vintage Adding Machine

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