Photo Opportunities at Olmsted Point and Tenaya Lake

Tenaya Lake and Polly Dome

Though you can’t get up to this area in winter because of all the snow, you should plan a day on CA Highway 120 between Lee Vining and Yosemite Valley.  The highlights for me are Olmsted Point and Tenaya Lake.  Here is what you might see next spring.

Olmsted Point and Tenaya Lake are 45 miles and 75 minutes from Yosemite Lodge and only 45 minutes and 30 miles from Lee Vining on the Eastside on CA Highway 395.

Tenaya Lake has several parking lots and street parking with numerous trails around the lake and up the domes surrounding it.


Olmstead Point has a pretty large parking lot, but I can imagine in the summer it would be full.  Since it was a bit far for us in the morning we did not get up for sunrise, but shot about mid-morning with our infrared cameras.  The light was perfect for infrared conversion to monochrome and we had interesting subjects and skies.

The small tree, boulders, and cracks are obvious subjects.  We spent a good amount of time with them until a crowd gathered and we were done.  Remember to walk around your subject and see as many compositions as you can.

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