Photographing Ghost Towns: Silver City in Bodfish, CA

Silver City is a small “reconstituted” ghost town in Bodfish, CA about 90 minutes from Mojave, CA which is 90 minutes from Los Angeles. It is a great place to see what old mining towns might have looked like during the turn of the century. Here is what you might see:

There is a small fee, I think $7. We always go to places like this right when they open so we have a better chance of being the only people on-site. In this case we had the place to ourselves for 60 minutes and saw two other groups in the next 60 minutes.

If you like making photos of details, this place is full of them. Most of the buildings you can not really go into, but you can photograph from open doorways. Mary used a mid-size telephoto lens as she usually does and I used a 18-120 zoom.

The rooms are dark and we had mostly shadows for the first hour, so tripods are really useful here. We also used our infrared cameras when it got bright.

To see more of (and buy) our photographs, please go to Or click the link below.

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