Photographing a Few Barns and Bridges in Oregon

My favorite barn in all of Oregon at the Colene Clemens Winery

Mary and I love photographing in Oregon because of the varied terrain and subjects.  Oregon has about 50 covered bridges and many fine barns, especially in Willamette Valley.  Here are a few from our last trip.There are several good loops to see a concentration of covered bridges in Oregon.  We have done some of them, and wanted to see some new ones.  These may not be the “classic” Oregon covered bridges, but they were new to us and we had limited time.

Mosby Creek Bridge

Sandy Creek Bridge


Centennial Bridge

Barn at Colene Clemons Winery

View across the street from Schreiner’s Iris Gardens

The Colene Clemens barn seen from the wine tasting room.


We have many blog posts about Oregon, including these two about barns and bridges.

Oregon Barns

Oregon Covered Bridges

To see more of (and buy) our photographs, go to

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