Photography Project: Photographing Abstracts Through a Child’s Prism


Last week I shared my airport saga, and after seeing my post, Peter reminded me, in that way only a true partner can, that the images I shared were not my strongest.  He preferred my abstracts.  So here it goes, round 2 on the child’s prism play experiment. 

Below are abstracts that I also took during my 5 hours in the DFW airport (well, mostly).  The basic principles I shared last week in  Photographing through a child’s prism   still apply.
For abstracts you’ll want to pay particular attention to strong color and line.  Twisting the prism just a fraction will completely change the image, and no two will come out the same.  For example, these two images are of floor tiles in Terminal C.  I swiveled the prism just slightly to get crosses instead of squares

In abstracts the shape of the repeating pattern becomes more important because that’s the focus.  It took me several tries to get the lights/circles to line up close to the intersections of the wall.


Below are a few more from Terminal C, and one with a very patient colleague that let me put my prism in her face.  If you end up with extra time at DFW, I’d be curious to see what you come up with.


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