Look. See. Imagine. Create. The Queenstown Garden

1711_PSA_New Zealand IR_920
Queenstown Gardens Bridge

When Mary and I were in New Zealand in November, we spent our first day dealing with jet lag by visiting the Queenstown Garden.  It was overcast gray AND sunny at the same time, so we thought our infrared cameras would help us make some interesting photos.  Here’s what we saw.

Look – We both gravitated quickly to the pond and the bridge with its stunning reflection.  I did not not have a color camera with me.  I wish I did so that I could show you how dark and “green” it was.

1711_PSA_New Zealand IR_909
Peter going wide


See – Here is where Mary and I differ, all of the time.  She started to look for the scene within the scene and started going tighter and tighter on her compositions.

1711_MFA_New Zealand IR_328

Imagine – Here is Mary even tighter.  She is just making the reflection of limbs into a natural abstract of shapes and textures.

1711_MFA_New Zealand IR_317

Create – And then this happened.  As she pulled back, a couple entered her frame in the reflection and may have even been arguing.  It no longer looks like a reflection because there is no horizon reference to show the actual scene and its mirrored reflection.  She also flipped it upside down so that the image no longer is mirrored.  Furthermore, our brain is not sure of what all that texture is in the photo.  There is texture software out there to create this kind of look, yet Mary was able to do it with the leaves and other debris in the pond.

1711_MFA_New Zealand IR_319

To see more of (and buy) our photographs, please go to www.pamphotography.com.

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