Peter’s Favorite Photos from 2017

Barker Dam, Joshua Tree National Park

It’s that time of year again, to reflect on all of our trips and pick my favorite photos from 2017.  We went on 11 “named trips” including our epic two weeks in New Zealand.  I tried to pick at least one photo from each of our trips.  Here are my favorite 15 photos in chronological order.

We went to Joshua Tree twice in January hoping to get the cover shot.  With all of the rain last winter, we figured Barker Dam would be full of water and it was.

In March, we went to Big Sur for our anniversary.  We also hoped to get this shot of the lilies near Garraputa Beach, and we did.

I have always liked this composition of Point Sur and one morning we had this spectacular sky.  It looked good in color, but really popped in monochrome.

We spent most of March and April chasing the wildflower bloom in Southern California.  We went to Diamond Valley Lake, Chino Hills State Park, the Antelope Poppy Reserve, and finally the Carrizo Plain.  I must of stood in this one spot for an hour waiting for the sun to go down.

Carrizo Plain with Soada Lake in the background

We went to Sequoia over July 4th weekend to look for flowers and bears.  We saw one bear the entire time and I was lucky to fire this one off from about a hundred yards with a 400 mm telephoto.

This is my best Tiger Lillie from Sequoia.

In October we headed to the Eastern Sierra for fall color.  Even though it was sparse, we did shoot sunset and sunrise at Mono Lake.

There was a full moon and I knew we could get something like this shot in the morning.

In October, we also went to Las Vegas to see our girls, which always means a stop at the Nelson Ghost town.  Though I have photographed this car several times, this is my favorite photo of it.

Finally, in November, we were off to New Zealand for two weeks.  Here is the Glenorochy Pier.

I dreamed of making this photo of the Wanaka Lake Tree.  My dream came true.

I also visualized what it would be like to capture sunrise at Lake Matheson.  We did it.

We had unusually warm and clear weather in New Zealand, this is probably my best sunset photo.

Maybe the most memorable hike of my life, so far, was in the Hooker Valley.  My two favorite photos of the year are from that hike.  Mount Cook reflected in Hooker Lake is my favorite photo of the year.

Next week, Mary’s favorite photos from 2017.

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