Park and Point: Sunrise at Convict Lake, CA

We just stayed in Bishop for a long three day weekend to capture fall color in the Eastern Sierra Nevada, the first weekend in October.  We made photos at Convict Lake for two sunrises.  Thankfully, it was not that cold and not that crowded.  Here is what you might see.

1710_PSA_Eastern Sierra_087

Convict Lake is about 30 minutes North of Bishop.  It’s easy to get to, has plenty of parking, and has room for photographers to spread out.

1710_PSA_Eastern Sierra_080

Mary did complain a bit that there is not a lot of variety or options, but you can make a few pretty good photos here in as little as 30 minutes.


The popular composition is made by standing on a small bridge at the head of the parking lot, and using various focal lengths putting the rocks in the foreground and then decide how much mountain and sky you want.  Obviously a calm day with no wind makes a really nice reflection.

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