Moon and Mono Lake

While we were in Bishop Oct 6-8, I knew we would have two mornings of moon sets.  Though the sunrise and sunset times change only a minute or so each day, the moon set changes as much as an hour each day.  On Oct 7, I figured we could get the moon setting over Mono Lake.  Here is what we got.

To reach the South Tufa Area, don’t miss the turn off at CA Highway 120.  By the time we reached the large parking lot most of the photographers were leaving from their sunrise shooting.

Mary and I knew our infrared cameras were perfect for the bright low angle light of mid morning.  Mary went off to make photos of the monsoon clouds and tufas and I set up for the moon.  I knew I only had a few minutes as it quickly sank below the mountains.

Infrared images look a lot like film negatives.  One of the hallmarks of this type of photography is that blue skies turn black when you process the images into monochrome/black and white.

Having a vision for a photo and actually making it work does not happen often, but in this case, I got exactly what I was looking for.  The conditions were perfect for this type of photography with chiaroscuro light and deep shadows on the mountains.

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