Chasing the moon along CA Hwy 395

1710_PSA_Eastern Sierra_046

If you have been paying close attention here or on my Facebook page, you know that I am a lunatic (literally, “crazy for the moon”).  We do not always plan our photography trips around the full moon, but this time, the convergence of the full moon and peak color in the Eastern Sierra was a welcomed treat.  Here is what it was like to chase down the moon while driving north on 395.

1710_PSA_Eastern Sierra_054

There are two critical apps I use when planning our photo trips and “set-ups.”  Sun ‘n’ Moon gives me the rising and setting times for the sun and moon based on location and GPS coordinates.  Light Trac tells me the angle of the sun and the moon at any given time and location.  With information from these two apps, I can plan where we should be and at what time to get the most out of sunrise, sunset, moon rise, and moon set.

1710_PSA_Eastern Sierra_179

Being in the Owens River Valley between the Sierra Nevada mountains and the White Mountains did add complexity as they were major obstacles for the sun and moon to hide behind.  I adjusted times by 30-40 minutes accounting for the mountain ranges.

We got up early each day and were opportunistic about compositions.  These are all moon sets taken on October 8 and 9.  We stayed in Bishop and headed out to Convict Lake each day for sunrise shooting.

1710_PSA_Eastern Sierra_193

We mostly used 100-400 mm telephotos on our Fujifilm XT-2s.  The framing was easier by compressing the mountains and the moon.

1710_PSA_Eastern Sierra_181

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