He saw. She saw. San Diego Zoo Edition

Mary I spent a very long weekend in San Diego to beat the heat.   We always like going to the zoo there, especially to see the Pandas.  In this edition of He saw…She saw, we visited our favorite animals.  Here is what you might see.

Remember when you are photographing animals, especially at the zoo where the atmosphere and environment adds very little, make portraits of them.

We love the gorillas because they have such expressive eyes.

Mary just loves the flamingos.  It’s our first stop and usually takes at least 20 minutes.

The giraffes were eating and their pen is particularly ugly, so we both starting doing this…a synecdoche for a giraffe.

Meerkats are very popular and, as you might know, there is always one or two “on guard duty.

The elephants were tough to shoot as they were eating.

The polar bears were not very active and behind 4 inches of glass.

And to top it off we saw some pretty water lilies.

It’s always fun to shoot with friends, but especially Mary, because I can see all of her photos and how she processes them.  We both used our Fuji XT2s with 100-400mm zoom lenses.

To see more of (and buy) our photos, please go to www.pamphotography.com



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