He Saw…She Saw…Lower Cataract Lake, CO

As you all know, one of the great joys of being a photography couple is seeing the world through each other’s eyes.  Usually, Mary is tight and telephoto, and I am wide-angle.  Here, we got crossed.

As were were hiking around the lake on a “family hike” with our infrared  point and shoots, we both saw this obvious scene.  What attracted us was the trees and the reflection.  I was so focused on the trees and reflection, that I did not “see” the opportunity to include the sky as a “framing tool.”

A dark blue sky in infrared will come out black when converted to monochrome.  I forgot that and missed it.  Mary did not.

Mary saw it i spades and made a much more compelling photograph.  Next time, I’ll ask her what she’s shooting.  I like the third photo the best.  How about you?

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