He saw/She saw – Los Angeles Graffiti Art Walk

Mary and I went on a guided tour of graffiti/street art with Athen and Arden last month.  We both walked around with our Fuji XT-2s and zoom lenses.  As is the usual outcome, we came back with different points of view on what we saw.  Not sure one is better than the other, but show the range of perspectives between us.  Here is what we saw.

We have taken this tour twice and though we saw some of the same art, there were new ones, and interestingly enough, some that had been painted over.  They truly are temporary.

We also had a different tour guide, Gallo.  He was a hoot.

Here is the website to make your reservations.

Here is a link to our other blog post about this interesting area.

To see more of our photos (and buy them), please go to www.pamphotography.com.

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