Richard Serra’s “Sequence” at the San Francisco MOMA

1702_PSA_San Francisco_200-Edit

When Mary and I were in San Francisco in February, we went to see the Diane Arbus exhibit at the SF Museum of Modern Art south of Market.  We enjoyed seeing the early works of Arbus, AND, I fell in love with Serra’s giant metal sculpture.  I had my Sony RX 100 and it was plenty of camera for these photos.  Here is what you might see.

1702_PSA_San Francisco_204

First of all, it’s big.  You can’t really get lost in the circular maze, but it feels like it.  As soon as you walk into the sculpture, the entire world is blocked out, yet there is so much light, that I did not feel constrained or claustrophobic.

1702_PSA_San Francisco_208

The angles were interesting and caught my eye.


The meandering path and curved walls made me feel like I was discovering something new around each corner.


Finally, the large space in the middle was like entering a meadow surrounded by woods.


1702_PSA_San Francisco_219
My panoramic function on my camera had a hard time with the curved wall.

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