Photographing the Calla Lilies in Big Sur, CA

1703_PSA_Big Sur_378-Edit

Big Sur has had a tough year with fires, rock and mud slides, and a condemned bridge.  We were able to make it into Big Sur a few months ago just after it opened up after some of the mud slides were cleared.  Several of our favorite shooting locations were closed, but we really came for the Calla Lilies.  Here is what we saw. 


1703_PSA_Big Sur_386-Edit

Though we got in a few good sunrises at Hurricane Point, the purpose of our trip was to capture the Calla Lilies near Garrapata Beach.  We had two tries at it and made the photos in the late afternoon as it was mostly overcast and not sure there was going to be a good sunset.

Like always Mary and I have similar photos, but not the same.  I tended to go really wide and Mary was a bit more close-up and used different apertures.



In March, which is probably the peak of the lilies, the creek will be running high and fast and it will be very muddy.  I also hear that now that there is an easy path down here, there are more people and we saw quite a few trampled lilies.

1703_PSA_Big Sur_196

We tried the left and right side of the stream and settled on this rock as the best vantage of a bunch of lilies, the stream, and the ocean.

We have more than a dozen blog posts about the Big Sur area.  Search for Big Sur in the search box at the top of our Home Page.

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