Photographing the Point Sur Light Station

Point Sur from the turnout near mile marker 55.

Big Sur has had a tough year with fires, rock and mud slides, and a condemned bridge.  We were able to make it into Big Sur a few months ago just after it opened up after some mud slides were cleared.  Several of our favorite shooting locations were closed, but we discovered how much we like the Light Station.  Here is what you might see. 

Sunset from the same location with a mid-range telephoto lens and a slow shutter speed.

We have been to Big Sur a half dozen times and had never taken the Point Sur Light Station Tour.  With so much closed off, we decided to do it this time. Please check out their website for tour information.

The three-hour tour is a little clunky as you need to meet at the front gate and get your car in line for the drive in and then you need to be able to walk up and down the nearly one mile steep road up to the top.

It was very overcast, cold, and windy, but the Light Station was still scenic, and the volunteer staff were very interesting and knowledgeable.  It is a “light station” and not a “lighthouse” because there are several buildings that make up the “Station”.

There is a lot of restoring and refurbishing that is going on and we were able to walk through several of the buildings.  We had an interesting day for photography, but we did not have very clear views to the ocean or horizon.

We also love to get long shots from the CA 1 highway.  Our favorite location is about a half mile North of the Light Station Gate near mile marker 55.

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