It’s Wild Flower Season: Chino Hills State Park

With the record rain fall in Southern CA, we are having a “every ten year” super bloom.  Because we were in Big Sur last week, we missed the peak at Anza Borrego.  We are planning on Antelope Valley next weekend.  Yesterday, we did a quick hike at Chino Hills State Park.  Here is what you might see.

Chino Hills State Park is near the intersection of CA Highways 71 and 91.  Many of the trails are overgrown with thigh-high grass.  The best trail right now seems to be Bane Ridge – almost at the end of the paved road as you enter from the CA Highway 71.

There were carpets of shoulder high mustard everywhere, but we were in search of Poppies.  You need to climb up the hill about a mile or so to see the small field of Poppies.  Please stay on the trail as we saw many people walking into the flower fields to make “selfies” and trampling small and large wild flowers…bad.

Remember to go wide and small depth of field and then zoom in with a large depth of field to blur the background.  This could almost be a “He Saw.  She Saw.” as Mary and I used our style and “eye” to get a diverse set of photos.

The flowers will look good for another two-three weeks here depending on the weather…I think.

Next week more wild flowers from Diamond Lake in Hemet, CA.

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