Photographing abstracts at a harbor


I was inspired by a recent post by Art Wolfe to try my hand at creating abstracts using reflections of boats in the water.  His images were stunning.  Mine, an exercise in….well.  At one point a scraggly fisherman stopped asked my “why are you taking a picture of that!”.  To which I responded, because I’m a photographer.My first challenge was getting close.  The harbor was gated, and you needed a code to get access to the docks.  I was fortunate enough to walk through an open door, but was careful not to stay too long.

My second challenge was capturing just the right moment in the moving water.  The reflections kept changing as the water moved. And I was hand-holding (sorry Jack), and I was using a large telephoto.  I ended up increasing my ISO quite a bit.

My third challenge was I couldn’t stop.  Peter finally went to go get a cup of coffee (which took a super long time), and I still could have stayed another hour.  But the light was getting harsh, and we needed to pack up for the trip home.



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