Photographing the San Diego Zoo


Mary and I spent three hours at the San Diego zoo last Saturday test driving our new Fujifilm X-T2s.  What a treat.  We got there early and we left before it got to hot.  We were there for “feeding time” so most of the animals were pretty active. Here are some of our favorite images.

The highlight of the day were the two Pandas.


Mary loves the flamingos and they did not disappoint.  We could have photographed them for hours.

1610_mfa_zoo_221 1610_psa_zoo_246 1610_psa_zoo_218

The giraffes were eating, too.



More bears…

1610_mfa_zoo_111 1610_mfa_zoo_056

The elephants were still in their pens, but we were able to see them up close.


The prowling tiger challenged our focus tracking skills.


Finally, we made portraits of the gorillas.


We found the San Diego zoo about twice as big as the LA zoo.  Both are built on hills, so there is a lot of up and down walking.  Finally, Mary used a 50-140 mm lens with a 1.4x tele-converter, effectively, a 300 mm equivalent on the APS-C sensor.  I had my 100-400 mm, so we had plenty of resolving power to get up close.

To see more of (and buy) our photos, please go to


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