Lensbaby Challenge: First 7 days


Ok, I’ll own it, I took a picture 5 out of 7 days.  In total I made 53 images, and kept 12.  Not too bad, especially given my struggles with this lens.

This week I used the Sweet 35 optic, which is the equivalent to a 50 mm on my Fuji XT1.  I chose this lens because I was on the road and could change the aperture by rotating the ring, rather than manually replacing the discs in the Double Glass Optic.  I liked the circular focus point and found I did better when I placed the focus in the center of the frame closer to the front.  I’m finding its critically important to have a strong subject; some of my favorite images from this week are the flower photos.  I think this optic is made for flowers and portraits.  I’m going to have to give portraiture a try to see where I land.


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