Photography Project: Creating Natural Abstracts

Rock Mosaic Triptych
Rock Mosaic Triptych

Peter and I recently took the harrowing 4×4 drive through Death Valley’s Titus Canyon.  After careful research, I declared it “won’t be that bad”.  Two hours later, sitting in the car most of the time, my fitness monitor said I had met my step goal for the day.  I think it was all of the vibrations, and my elevated heart rate that tricked the device.  I did have one good thing come if it, a natural abstract triptych.

We stopped only once on the drive, toward the end, to look at a wall of mosaic patterns.  It was interesting afterward, how I focused in on just one patch, and recomposed it several ways.  I realized this when I was putting together the triptych and saw the same pattern repeat itself in different places in the composition.  I decided to use the Free Transform tool in Photoshop on the edge images to blow out portions of the composition in the middle.  Too bad there isn’t a similar way to meet my step count while sitting at my desk all day.

1602_MFA_Death Valley_030-Edit 1602_MFA_Death Valley_029-Edit 1602_PSA_Death Valley_034




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