Super-bloom in Death Valley Right Now

1602_PSA_Death Valley_044

Mary and I were in Death Valley last weekend and though we really wanted a flooded valley from El Nino rain, we got something as rare – a wild flower “super bloom”.  Because of good rains in December and a nice warm spell in late January and early February, the Desert Gold flowers have exploded.  This is the best wild flower season since 2005.  Here is what you might see.

1602_PSA_Death Valley_042

Mary and I roamed along the valley as far north as Titus Canyon and as far south as Badwater Basin.  Though there were flowers almost “everywhere”, the best areas were on the south facing slopes that drain water into the valley and get direct sunlight.  The valley runs in a north/south orientation and the flowers grew in east/west rows.  Taking a 45 degree view of the flowers provided a nice depth of field and filled the frame as best as we could.

1602_PSA_Death Valley_089

The best light was later afternoon just before the sun set behind the Panamint Mountains.

1602_PSA_Death Valley_041

The best area, we thought, was just north of the Natural Bridge turn off.

We are looking forward to other “super blooms” in California as we move into March and April.

Here is a video about the super bloom in Death Valley.

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