Photographing the Neon Sign Boneyard in Las Vegas

1512_PSA_Las Vegas_062Everyone loves a pretty neon sign, but have you ever seen a neon sign boneyard?  We went to Las Vegas last month and visited the Neon Sign Bone Yard.  When they demolish a hotel in Las Vegas, inevitably, the old neon signs end up here.  The Neon Sign Bone Yard may be the most fun a photographer can have in 60 minutes.  Here is what you will see.

1512_PSA_Las Vegas_049

The Neon Sign Museum is located on Las Vegas Blvd. just north of Fremont Street and downtown.  They have a fantastic history book about neon signs –SPECTACULAR:  A History of Las Vegas Neon – exclusive to the museum.  You can only go into the gated “bone yard” on a guided tour, so you need to plan your trip and get your reservation on-line or give them a call.  Each tour has about 10 people and the tour guides are knowledgeable, but they also police the yard.  For safety reasons you must stay with the group; stay on the designated path; and not touch anything.

1512_PSA_Las Vegas_025

1512_PSA_Las Vegas_025 1512_PSA_Las Vegas_019 1512_PSA_Las Vegas_001-Edit 1512_MFA_Las Vegas_095 1512_MFA_Las Vegas_077 1512_MFA_Las Vegas_033

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