Photography Project: Photographing Disneyland in Infrared

1412_MFA_Disney Infrared_004

I typically don’t take my infrared camera to Disneyland, it would defy conventional wisdom to photograph such a colorful place in monochrome.  I decided a compromise was in order (for a few images), so I went with color infrared.  It does help you see a familiar place in a different “light”.

The first time my mind opened to using infrared cameras in a different way, was during Nevada Weir’s workshop.  She took us to the LA Zoo, and told us to experiment with infrared.  Before that, I would have never dreamed of taking my infrared camera to a zoo, an amusement park, or anywhere else with so much color.  I really was surprised how different things looked, and with the color processing, even more surreal.

1412_MFA_Disney Infrared_022 1412_MFA_Disney Infrared_014 1412_MFA_Disney Infrared_007 1412_MFA_Disney Infrared_005

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