Sol Duc Falls in Olympic National Park


Sol Duc falls is a very large waterfall in Olympic National Park.  It is one of the featured attractions in the Park.  There is a lodge and campground nearby and the trail head is at the end of an easy drive.  This is a very popular hike, so get there early to avoid the crowds and get the best morning light.  Here is what you will see.

Peter on the bridge
Peter on the bridge

It is a fairly flat and short hike to the falls.  There are many many great subjects along the way, including the creek under the first bridge (see our blog about this excellent location).

Not sure there is a lot of creativity when it comes to composing the falls.  The obvious best place to stand is on the bridge over the falls.  Mary and I tried several different locations and really only came up with these two good photos.  We also hiked up the stream for a couple hundred yards and the landscape did not look any better.


We have several blogs about shooting locations in Olympic National Park.  Next week, Sunrise on Hurricane Ridge.

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