Photography Project: Making a vintage postcard

Vintage postcard of old barn in Palouse Washington

When I first started photography, I was very excited to learn Photoshop.  That lasted about an hour, before I realized that I was so in over my head that I could not figure out how to do the simplest tasks.  Forty hours of night school at a community college, and I thought I had it down, then I picked up Photoshop magazine…..

…..and realized I was never really going to learn this software.  Five years later I am at least able to follow the instructions in Photoshop magazine, but often have no earthly idea why I am doing what I am doing.  Perhaps in 10 years, I will actually understand 25% of the functionality in this robust software package and can develop my own creative techniques.

This week’s project was in their March issue.  It had 20 steps, 2 textures, the creation of 3 new files, and about 15 layers.  I have to say I like the effect, and if one of my stepdaughters is game, I might even try it as a portrait technique later this year.

Before - Barn in Palouse Region of WashingtonVintage postcard of old barn in Palouse Washington



  1. SliceofChanelle

    Haha.. I had Photoshop for a day. One, it didn’t smoothly on my laptop so had to uninstall and 2 I spent 2 hours on a photo to get nowhere. I’m now using light room and don’t have any desire to try Photoshop again at this moment!

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