Photography Project: Abstracts with Cabbage

Photograph of a cabbage close-up
Photograph of a cabbage close-up

As I was titling this post, I wondered if there was another post out in the blogsphere with this title…..I decided to play about bit before making lunch this weekend (Peter had a few things to say when he realized he would be eating my photography subject after I had been messing around with it for 20 minutes).  I was surprised at the different ways to interpret a lowly old head of cabbage.

This project reminded me a bit of photographing a Nautilus shell.  Different angles highlighted the different curves, lines and shadows.

Equipment:  Canon 65 MP-E lens at 3-4x magnification and a Canon 180mm telephoto lens.  Tripod.  Head of cabbage sliced in half through the stem.

Technique:  I used the highest aperture possible where I was still able to see through the lens and made sure the camera was parallel to the cabbage to improve depth of field.  Then it was playtime.  I moved and rotated the cabbage and changed my camera angles. At one point the cabbage almost touched the lens.

Processing:  I used Topaz Restyle on two of the images to accentuate the lines and curves, and change the interpretation from literal to abstract.

This was one of those projects where I could have spent hours, but then I would have had a hungry and angry husband.

Gritty cabbage abstract
Gritty cabbage abstract
Plain cabbage abstract
Plain cabbage abstract


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