Photography Project: Aerial Photographs with Geometric Shapes

1501_MFA_ariel _011I am still in the infrared photography from plane windows kick.  This time I am focusing on geometric shapes on the ground.  I have found when I start clicking away people in front and behind me also start clicking away.  I often wonder if they ask themselves “why on earth am I taking a picture of farmland?”.

I like the abstract quality of the images, and will try to “colorize” them to see what effect I get.  Its amazing how interesting rectangles in different shades can be, and the kittywhampus lines add a different slant (ba da bum) on things.  I reflect on how simple life seems from 30,000 feet in the air, configurations of squares and circles, and down below how different it really is.

1501_MFA_ariel _010 1501_MFA_ariel _008 1501_MFA_ariel _012

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