Photographing Route 66 – Part One of Many


Mary and I have a plan to drive the entire Route 66 after we retire.  To wet our appetite we have decided to drive some sections, as time permits.  A couple of weeks ago, we spent a few hours driving it from Barstow to Victorville.  Here’s what you might see.

Daggett, CA

The punch list included signs, old buildings, and other interesting stuff.

Daggett, CA

These signs are in Barstow. The bottle tree forest is in Oro Grande, CA. Mary shot in color and I shot in infrared so we had good variety.  We wanted to use our tripods, but this is more like street photography and we had to walk around a lot and try to get the right angle, so we mostly hand-held.  A flexible zoom lens works well here.  I used my Canon 24-105 mm on a full frame sensor and it gave me all I needed. Mary is building a large Route 66 library.  We used these guidebooks to plan our trip:  “Route 66 Adventure Handbook” by Drew Knowles and “EZ 66 Guide for Travelers” by Jerry McClanahan. To see more of (and buy) our photos, please go to

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