Photography Project: Everyday travel photography

Girl at the Oklahoma City Art Museum
Girl at the Oklahoma City Art Museum

Something happened to me when I developed a passion for landscape photography, I stopped taking snapshots of everyday adventures with my family.  All of the sudden, I switched off the desire to document my life, when I switched on trying to develop my creative eye.  A docent at the local museum, helped me realize what I was skipping.

We went to visit the girls, and spent the day touring the Oklahoma City Memorial and the Oklahoma City Art Museum.  I was walking through the museum enjoying the art, when a docent saw the girls sitting in front of two paintings (checking their iphones).  She asked me if it would be OK if she took their picture (on her iphone).  When I looked back I realized what a great moment she noticed.  I captured it too, and then went on to take pictures of art that resonated with me – not to do anything with them other than to think about what I liked after I left the museum, and to place in my memory book as a reminder of a great day.

I don’t think I can turn on my “snapshot” mode just like that, I will have to work at it, but now I’m intrigued about how photojournalists see and how I can apply that to my everyday life.  It will be something I study and explore in the upcoming months.

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  1. Lettie on Long Island

    I capture those everyday travel moments, then make up books on Shutterfly–great way to document memories. Even in the documented scenes, there is usually one or two standout shots that go beyond snapshots…once you have the eye for the creative, you’ll still put that to use in your everyday moments, too.
    Loretta (Lettie)

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