Vermont Waterfalls and Creeks

Little Black Brook at the Appalachian Trail on the Mt. Tabor Road

I knew when we went to Vermont, we would see great fall color.  What I did not know, was we would see so many creeks and brooks and waterfalls.  Here are our favorites.

Sterling Valley Gorge

Again, we drove about 1,200 miles in a week or so, mostly on small back roads.  Many of these followed large and small streams.  We did a few hikes along the Appalachian Trail and saw a few waterfalls.  Most days were overcast AND it was almost always dark because of the tree canopy.

Sterling Valley Gorge

All of these photos were made using tripods.  A good tripod is more important than a good camera.  I often times see people with really nice technologically advanced cameras on flimsy cheap tripods.  My best advice to any budding photographer is to buy the best, heaviest, and often times, most expensive tripod and head that they can.  You can not make these long exposure photos without a tripod and you can not get really really sharp photos of any kind without one.  See our blog on how to buy a tripod.

Little Black Brook
Lye Brook Falls
Mount Tabor Road
Moss Glen Falls

We used David Middleton’s, The Photographer’s Guide to Vermont and two Photograph America newsletters from Bob Hitchman. We also bought a Delorme Atlas.  You can not imagine how valuable this large paper atlas was.  Most of the places we went to did not have cell service and the dirt roads are confusing and not obviously signed.  I think we are all spoiled with GPS and cell phones now and under appreciate a good road map.  If you really want to go to Vermont, this atlas is a must.

Here is our first Vermont blog and here is our blog about the Jenne Farm. This one is about Vermont Barns and last week was about pond and lake reflections.

Next week – Vermont’s colorful trees.

To see (and buy) more of our photographs,please go to


  1. lettieonlongisland

    Especially like the vertical of Little Black Brook. Glad your week was a productive one. Often, when traveling, I “fit” photography in our regular schedule because my husband isn’t a photographer. Never had the luxury of just taking a photo-dedicated trip, and my work results reflects that. Conversely, the results I achieve from my local “haunts” are quite satisfying because I can return again and again to get what I want, the way I want it.

  2. pamphotography

    Hi Loretta – we often run into photographers who say they wish their spouse liked to photograph too! I feel very fortunate it is something we like to do together. Our latest thing is to take my parents on trips – we all go on a hike, they tend to move slower than us so we stop and photograph and then hustle to catch up with them. It seems to work out for everyone…. Happy photographing.

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