Photography Project: Seeing Lines and Curves


This is becoming a common theme for me – I am becoming more aware of lines and curves and often see them in airports as I am pacing the concourses trying to burn calories before my flight.  Several chapters in David DuChemin’s Visual Toolbox, involve looking at lines and playing with their effect on an image.

I had an opportunity to spend a “delightful” two hours in Dulles airport because of a delayed flight.  I found the old architecture to be fascinating in terms of the lines and curves.  I wonder how many other people notice……  The last two images are the top of a garden gazebo.

In the images below I played with zooming to create urban abstracts, as well as tilting my camera off-axis (which is great for me because I can never seem to get the horizon line straight).  During processing, I found that taking a “panoramic slice” allowed me to focus in on the most interesting part of the lines.

1409_MFA_virgina_123 1409_MFA_virgina_122 1409_MFA_virgina_121 1409_MFA_virgina_105 1409_MFA_virgina_103




  1. pamphotography

    Hi Letti – its great to see you again! So far no one has approached me in the airports. Peter and i were approached by Disneyland security once when we were trying to photograph a roller coaster overhead (we had been there about 10-15 minutes)….I keep waiting though to get approached by security….

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