Photography Project: Creative Abstracts with Flowers


Continuing from last week, in this post are close-up images of a sunflower and daisy bouquet focusing on line, color, and shape.  I am always surprised at how different a subject looks through an extreme macro lens…..who knew that the edge of a sunflower petal could have such grace and movement?

I learned that direction and flow matter intensely when you focus on a micro element of a subject.  Image if this edge of this petal cut straight across the middle of the frame?  It would be static and boring.  Exploring a subject to find an angle that accentuates its basic elements is not quick or obvious……I must have spent close to an hour before I took this frame; every minute opened my eyes to seeing sunflowers and daisies differently.

1408_MFA_Abstracts_069 1408_MFA_Abstracts_057-Edit 1408_MFA_Abstracts_049 1408_MFA_Abstracts_029


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