Photographing the Nelson Ghost Town near Las Vegas, NV

The Garage
The Gas Station

The Nelson Ghost Town is now one of the “hot spots” of photography workshops.  The area was originally called Eldorado when gold was discovered here.  It is located 50 miles south of Las Vegas and is a great place to stop, on your way to or from Las Vegas.  Boulder City is only 25 miles away.  Here is what you will see.

Here is good view of the town from the "plane crash"
Here is good view of the town from the “plane crash”

There are about twenty or so buildings; dozens of old cars and trucks; and a “plane crash site.”  You will find many different types of photographers here.  It is not quite landscape or nature photography, but closer to “street photography.”  It is quite a popular location for “fashion shoots” and we saw many photographers with models. It is definitely like shooting the Bodie CA State Park (see our blog on Bodie).

The crash site
The crash site
1403_PSA_Las Vegas_018
The Barn
The Barn

Mary and I used both our color and infrared cameras.  We were lucky to have great skies and it was not too crowded.  Check in at the general store and pay $10 for a two hour visit.

1403_MFA_Las Vegas Infrared_024-Edit
1403_MFA_Las Vegas Infrared_017-Edit-Edit
1403_MFA_Las Vegas Infrared_047-Edit copy
The Trailer Park

Google “Nelson Ghost Town” to see numerous resources to help you plan your trip.

To see (and buy) our photo, please go to


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