Photograph: Chicago Tourists at the Bean

At Chicago's Bean
At Chicago’s Bean

Sometimes an image just speaks to you……you, and unfortunately only you.  After a photography expedition, Peter and I do joint edits.  Early on, we were fairly direct with one another, after some ruffled feathers and a realization we have to share the same living space,  we have become more neutral with one another when it comes to photos the other one “just doesn’t get”.  This is one of those.

We were photographing at Chicago’s Bean a couple of weeks ago, and I became enamored with these two men (in a photography sort of way).  It was really interesting to watch them consult with a map about Chicago’s sites, with their backs to one of the most famous one, while everyone else was looking toward it.  It left me wondering, where they finally decided to go next.  Every time I look at this photo I smile – sometimes you just have to create them for yourself.



  1. stitchinstein

    Isn’t it funny what we see in the photographs we take? Did you take the photo because you wanted to capture those two or did you see it after? Sometimes that happens to me. Love the photo!

  2. pamphotography

    Hi – I took the photo because I liked the way the two guys were so engrossed in their map. I only realized after they were the only ones not looking at the Bean! I actually thought the image would be a toss-away, but I ended up really liking it…..

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