Photography Project: Desert Abstracts


If you have been following us for awhile, you know I have a special place in my heart for desert abstracts.  There is something about the forms, lines, shapes, and tones that get me hooked every time.  When I am not having a particularly fruitful day photographing in the public gardens, I usually head over to the desert garden and without fail find a pick-me-up.

Peter and I went to check out the wildflowers at the LA Arboretum (yes it has gotten that desperate in Southern California, that to see wildflowers you have to go to a public garden).  It was a tough shooting day, bright sun and wind…..the perfect shooting conditions actually for desert abstracts.  So we walked out through the desert garden, and after 30 minutes of playtime, I left our little outing with a surge of energy and a big smile on my face.

1404_MFA_Arboretum_123 1404_MFA_Arboretum_119-Edit 1404_MFA_Arboretum_115 1404_MFA_Arboretum_112 1404_MFA_Arboretum_106

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