He saw…She saw…South Fork, CO

The Cemetery Church in Creede,CO
The Cemetery Church in Creede, CO by Mary

When Mary and I returned from South Fork, CO after a family reunion, we did a joint edit to delete duplicates and poor photos.  Then we were left to our own devices to process. Herewith are two views of what we saw in our third (or fourth, I can’t remember) installment of “He saw…She saw.”

Church by Peter
Church by Peter

If you ever make it to Creede, CO, you have to visit this cemetery that has graves from the 1800’s and this old church (which has been refurbished to our chagrin).

Mary's Humphrey's Mine in Creede, CO
Mary’s Humphrey’s Mine in Creede, CO

Just outside of Creede, CO is the old Humphrey’ Mine.  There is quite a bit to photograph here, but it is also old, falling apart, and dangerous.

Humphrey's Mine by Peter
Humphrey’s Mine by Peter

Unfortunately, this area had a big fire a few months back known as the West Fork Complex fire, east of Pagosa Springs, CO.  Mary and I went up to see the damage near the Rio Grande Reservoir.

Mary's Photo
Mary’s “tight” Photo
Peter's "wide" shot
Peter’s “wide” shot

Finally, we had a family fishing trip to Tucker Ponds.  While everyone else fished, Mary and I scouted for flowers.

By Mary
By Mary
By Peter
By Peter

Photographing together is always rewarding.  In the field, we ask each other for advice, share interesting compositions, and each indulge our different perspectives.  When we get to editing and processing, the partnership continues.  I do feel lucky that between the two us, we usually do not miss much when we are working together.

To see more of our photographs, please go to www.pamphotography.com.

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