Tips for using the Canon 65mm Lens

1304_MFA_Super Macro_004-Edit

I have been lamenting in recent blogs about my challenges with using this particular lens.  I am probably the most stubborn person I know (and I bet my husband would agree).  Let me first say, I love this lens and the possibilities it opens up for me as an abstract photographer.  I thought I would share some of the things I have learned along the way, and who knows, before the year ends, maybe you’ll see a blog titled “I won the war” (I’m also working on my optimism this year).

Tip 1:  Use a tripod.  You cannot handhold this lens without a flash (see below).  The slice of focus is so thin and narrow, it requires precision to get the image sharp in one spot.

Tip 2:  For outdoor subjects use a flash.  This lens will pick up the slightest movement or vibration.  I have found it almost impossible to use outdoors without a flash.  Also, it can be challenging to position yourself just right on a tripod if you are battling with things around you.

1304_MFA_Super Macro_016

Tip 3:  Move your subject indoors if possible.  You will have a lot more control of the light, the positioning of your tripod, and it won’t move.

1304_MFA_Super Macro_007

Tip 4:  Clean your subject if possible.  This lens will pick up everything – every speck of dust.  I was looking through the viewfinder and saw a jungle of small microscopic spiders (which really freaked me out – I almost couldn’t enjoy my flower arrangement anymore)

Tip 5:  Play with abstracts.  Look past the obvious for shapes and colors.

1304_MFA_Super Macro_002

When I first got this lens I was utterly frustrated.  I found a great post on, Ophyrus Photography, which helped me understand how to start working with it.  I have big plans for what this lens can do for me.  I’ll keep you posted.

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