Discovering an Old Friend

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I often times will just take a random bunch of our photo albums out and look at them to reminisce.  (see my blog on Go. See. Photograph.  Remember.) Today, I was looking at our albums from three trips to Death Valley.  In the 2010 and 2013 albums, I noticed the same large dune and it all came back to me.  Here is what happened:

1012_PSA_Death Valley_053-Edit-Edit-Edit

In 2010, when we were with our friend Greg Duncan, I climbed out of our car and bee-lined to a very large dune that was quite a ways a way.  It was December, so it was not very hot, but I had my Sorel Caribou boots on for the water and they were heavy and unwieldy.  I made it to the dune amd snapped a few and then, literally ran back to Mary and Greg.

Flash forward to 2013 and I get out of the car at Stovepipe Wells and I see this giant dune in the distance.  Somehow, I convinced Mary to hike out to it.  We were well into 20 minutes of walking at a good clip, which I know is over a mile, and we are still not there.  I am getting increasingly negative vibes from Mary.  We have to be back to the car in a about forty minutes.  Ergo, ten minutes of shooting and 30 minutes of walking.  This is not looking good for the home team.

1304_PSA_Death Valley_0131-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit

Any hoo, we finally get to the dune and it is spectacular (but, maybe not worth the hike).  We shoot for a few minutes and have to head back.

Now it is July 5, 2013 and I look at our photo albums and that DUNE got me twice.  I hiked out to it in 2010 and 2013.  What is it about certain subjects that can literally pull you toward them.  I am in decent shape and can run and walk a lot of miles.  Something about that one dune made me expend an enormous about of energy and time to get a few snaps.  Go figure.  I am sure I will see it again the next time we are in Death Valley and say, “Hello old friend.”

1304_MFA_Death Valley_0207-Edit

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