Photography Project: Look for shapes to create abstracts


I am one of those perplexing individuals, who will see my husband standing in front of a beautiful brick wall, and instead of taking a picture of him, I will ask him to get out of the way so I can take a picture of the wall.  This happened recently when we took the girls to the aquarium.  People were taking pictures of the fish, sharks, seahorses, and I was taking pictures of the ceiling looking for source materials for abstracts.When I look for source material, I am usually looking for interesting lines and shapes.  These reflections in the shark tunnel captured my imagination.


I liked the colors and thought the lines created a bold graphic.  I started by experimenting with changing the shape.  I swirled, I pinched, I even modified the image using a Picasso cubism effect.  But I kept coming back to the original shape.  So next I played with color and texture and got this result.

1306_MFA_Hawaii_031-EditI took another image in the same area and decided to give it a similar treatment in case someone wanted it as a diptych.


These next two images I took at Disney’s California Adventures.  One was a pattern in the sidewalk, the other a design on a temporary wall that was hiding construction.  In both of these I changed not only the shape, but also the color.


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